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Miyazaki City and Miyakonojo City buy “Miyazaki Beef One Yachitatei”. A yakiniku izakaya where you can enjoy Miyazaki beef with high quality fat from rare parts that you can buy from a single.
Please enjoy the aged meat (dry aging beef) produced in the store.

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Every month 29th is meat day
29 yen for the best 2 cups!

Oolong tea is also 29 yen!
Prepare various events
We'll be expecting you.
For more information on LINE!


[New menu]  Dare ya mi set ¥1, 500-

t 1,500 yen

How about a cup at the end of work?
Tuesday-Friday from 17:00 to 18:15
Only for customers who come to the store! !
・ Draft beer (1 glass)

・ Japanese black beef (100g)
・ Chicken (30g)

・ Colon (30g)
・ Grilled vegetables and kimchi

* This is a limited menu for Miyazaki Tachibana.
* Anyone who is in the set will leave by 19:15.
* Depending on the reservation status, it may not be provided. Please note.


◆ Banquet course ... ¥ 2,500 ~
◆ Banquet Samgyeopsal Course ¥ 2,500
◆ One assorted course ... ¥ 4,000
◆ Yakiniku Seafood Course ... ¥ 4,000
◆ Aged meat course ¥ 4,000
◆ Greedy course ... ¥ 3,000〜
(There is also Yakiniku + Motsunabe or Sukiyaki.)

You can change to the above course at + ¥ 1,200 with all you can drink (90 minutes).

More than 50 all-you-can-drink menus

(Superb raw, carbonated highball, wine etc ..)


やいちゃッ亭名物 1頭盛り。1頭買いだからできるこの贅沢。


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